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Eric Rasbold
At 8:00pm plus 3.5 seconds, Pacific Time, the Election was called in Obama's favor. Even my dogs could feel the tension ease and the entire planet breathe deep and say, "There is hope for America, we thought she was royally screwed."

John McCain and especially Sarah Palin represented a lot of what I hate in people. Those people in high school across America....."the popular ones", which is actually pronounced "the assholes", got put in their rightful place last night.

God bless America!

Speaking of getting smoked....I got smoked last night too. 

But I did get a lot of votes. There is hope everywhere.

And that damned Prop 8. That was a failure of the human conscience. Legislation of morality has never worked, in any age, at any time. A small victory for the pricks, one that will be short lived and completely dishonored by the public who choose to act and love the way they want.

The only negative thing I will say about Obama and democrats as a whole: Buy Guns Now, there may not be many left come February. Avoid their registration if possible. Also put the twenty percent rule to use in tangible equities. You will need that.

Now that all of it is over, I can get back to what I am best at, get back to business.

Biz Niss.

For some reason, this economic crisis has seen my balance sheets higher than ever. I have a ton of work right now. Samhain ended the year exactly on target .

More soon.

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For those who don't understand the last post, disregard. Just some small town BS; those who do understand it...there you have it.


Elections are here, and after working in Sac today, I am back to see who gets it. Surely, Obama. That would be fine by me. This country could try a little soul in the White House.

And the props and the fire district!

Someone put a NO on Prop 8 sign on my corner, which I didn't even notice until tonight. I will let it stay, here is why:

I voted no on that piece of garbage proposition because of the first two words on the ballot : ELIMINATES RIGHT ....what? this is America, we don't eliminate rights once gotten. Nothing to do with gays or marriage or any of it. Don't mess with rights. The people have spoken. Go away.

I hope that one gets killed hard.


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You would pray that you could be the kind of person who, in the light of day, and before the eyes of men, stand in your own truth and say what everyone else is thinking.

That is part of what "Incorruptible" means.

Think about it.

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